About Us

What is Inside Mental Health?

Guided by an Advisory Panel of experts, and in partnership with the NHS and the University of the West of England, Anagram has developed Inside Mental Health to enable better training for a series of mental health issues.

Inside Mental Health combines Anagram’s award-winning, Emmy-nominated, Playing With Reality XR series with facilitated learning sessions designed and led by healthcare professionals. This has created a unique experience that enables participants the time and space to explore their understanding of patients with mental health issues.

With a unique focus on empathetic immersion, Inside Mental Health supports better patient outcomes by giving those working in health, social care and related fields, improved tools for understanding their patients, themselves and their colleagues. In doing so this also supports resilience for students, trainees and staff at all levels.

About Anagram

ANAGRAM is an award-winning creative studio specialising in interactive storytelling and immersive experience design that challenges the status quo. Experimenting at the edges of technology, our mission is to make thought-provoking and playful experiences that bring profound new perspectives.

We use physical and interactive storytelling across a number of contexts to challenge, inspire and influence the cultural discourse around present social and political issues.

Door Into The Dark (2015) was our debut into the immersive arena. Our more recent works include Goliath: Playing with Reality (2021), Messages to a Post Human Earth (2021), A Face to Open Doors (2020) and The Collider (2019).

Emmy-nominated and winners of the Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Work at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival. Anagram have previously been awarded the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award, the 2019 Sandbox Immersive Art Award, part of the Best VR in 2019 at the Venice International Film Festival.